Saturday, January 24, 2009

Network data transfer engine

Sometimes you need direct access to sockets in java. For those times I wrote a small sample. Actually I wrote it in the third semester of my degree (for evaluating java network / swing capabilities). It's a pretty nice little application and the source is extremely simple so give it a whirl if you want a decent java based socket application.

It supports client server model and a server detection system :) . You can change your username and kick unwanted users. Adding a banning system based on user IP would not be that hard since all data b/w clients is controlled (propogated) by the server.

Link :

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Formatter : A Utility for time activated tasks

Back at ufone we used to take the STP link status reports on a daily basis using the huawei reporting system. I was always annoyed by the default date selection dialog and its funny behavior. There had to be a better method for selecting yesterday. But it was one small report. Now at Ericsson, everyday we send a number of reports based on different time intervals using BO (Business Objects).

This utility is for those that send reports based on different times. If you find yourself looking at the calender before sending reports look no further. This utility is just for you! :)

It supports complete .Net date formatting. Look at the sample format setups provided (as seen in the screenshot ).

It stores its settings b/w restarts :). It should be a
good learning opportunity for those that need to test .NET format strings for dates as well.

Two keywords exists in the Time column:
'T' stands for today and uses the Now time.
'S' stands for start of the year and uses January1 12:00 am for the current year.

For help on the format column:


Download :