All the tiny things I look for in a laptop

I have been through my fair share of laptops. And there are some ergonomic weaknesses and design flaws that have popped up more than once. This is an eternally updating list about them:

  • The location of the trackpad: For laptops with 14 inch and larger screen it should NOT be in the center. I should be slightly to the left (because I am right handed. Otherwise you keep accidentally scrolling with your right hand. 
  • Backlight: A keyboard backlight is so much better than a computer lamp. 
  • The location of the fan (out direction): I like it to the left . Because I keep my mouse at the right. At the front its annoying. At the back I can't be sure if a pen is not in the way. 
  • The location of speakers : On the top next to or above the keyboard. At any other location they will get muffled. 
  • Keys : moderately sized. Too small and your wrist are bending to much like so : _/  \_. Too big and the right hand is travelling too much. 
  • Lan port. I like it at the sides (preferably left) and not the back. So I know that the lights are blinking fine whenever the network is not working :) Also I remember to remove it before I drag my machine from its location. 

This list should come in handy