Saturday, December 13, 2014

Github tip: Subscribe for updates to a single Issue / Pull request

When you are active in the open source world working on a bunch of active projects notifications quickly become too large to manage. Here is an example:

Fortunately a way to mange this is to only look at the notifications for issues / pull requests you are participating in.

However many times you don't have a meaningful way to participate and you end up doing this:
Comment just to participate
Fortunately you don't need to do this. If you are watching a repository (because you are active in it) you will see the message "because you're subscribed to this repository" as shown:

You can upgrade a particular issue / pull request to "participating" by clicking unsubscribe then subscribe again. Now you will see the message "because you're subscribed to this thread" as shown:

That's it. Now it will show up in "participating" for your notifications and no one needs to know (or get notified about you subscribing).

Admittedly its intuitive and I only learnt it from experience. I haven't searched for this so perhaps it is a documented way.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Getting Atom / apm to work on windows

This might be a short lived post, once Windows is officially supported you won't need this. For now, I got the built Atom from windows from here

After extracting added (prepend with your extraction path) "Atom\resources\app\apm\node_modules\atom-package-manager\bin" to the windows system PATH, and then its all good

publish away : `apm publish minor`

Friday, April 4, 2014

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Review

Here's what I just got:

Reason was that I've been doing a "lot" of writing and coding when at home and my old clunky keyboard / standard MS mouse was starting to give me wrist pain. I already have a MS 4000 Keyboard + Logitech Trackball in the office (which I took from home) and I can write code comfortably all day long. So clearly there was something that needed to be done for my home rig. I thought I'd give something new a shot. Out of the box:

 Has a raise bar for the keyboard as well (which I very much like):

I don't care for the numeric keyboard, so I like that it was separated. I left it in the box. My desk looks pretty clean:  

I have to admit : the best thing about this setup : the mouse. Its heavy, tall and nearly vertical. It feels like I am resting my hand on a ball. Very nicely done Microsoft!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Setting up command prompt for screenshots

Here's my workflow. Create a new batch file foo.bat with the following contents:

title Node.js
prompt C:$G

And put this in your windows path. Start it any folder using `foo.bat`. You get a nice clean looking prompt great for screenshots:

That answers "how do I hide the path on the command prompt".