Friday, April 4, 2014

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Review

Here's what I just got:

Reason was that I've been doing a "lot" of writing and coding when at home and my old clunky keyboard / standard MS mouse was starting to give me wrist pain. I already have a MS 4000 Keyboard + Logitech Trackball in the office (which I took from home) and I can write code comfortably all day long. So clearly there was something that needed to be done for my home rig. I thought I'd give something new a shot. Out of the box:

 Has a raise bar for the keyboard as well (which I very much like):

I don't care for the numeric keyboard, so I like that it was separated. I left it in the box. My desk looks pretty clean:  

I have to admit : the best thing about this setup : the mouse. Its heavy, tall and nearly vertical. It feels like I am resting my hand on a ball. Very nicely done Microsoft!