Saturday, November 5, 2011

RobotLegs Video Tutorials : Beginner to Expert

I wrote about the various frameworks that are available for an Actionscript developer to follow industry accepted best practices a while ago. Since then after a decent amount of time taking community support + feature richness + modern practices into account I have decided that RobotLegs is the best framework for Flex MVC. This post is designed to advance an Actionscript developer to an expert RobotLegs developer.

What is expected of you
This tutorial assumes that the reader is fairly adept in ActionScript and how to use Flash Builder (without using RobotLegs). If you are confident of this, move to next heading. ActionScript is a really simple language. If you are a programmer (in any language) you can get up to speed with Actionscript quite quickly using this tutorial. If you know actionscript then RobotLegs is an extremely easy framework to master.

Really easy to become an expert 
During this presentation there may be points you feel that you do not get the first time. Don't worry by the end of the presentations / video you will be able to understand everything. Also I highly recommend you download the sample applications and go through them yourself after watching the presentation / video.

The presentation
The accompanying files are available online thanks to google docs. In particular the powerpoint presentation (download the pptx it since the google docs online renderer is far from ideal)

The Video:
Here it is :

I suggest you view it in HD on Vimeo here : and if you are logged in on vimeo you can also download the source mp4 for offline viewing.

A significant amount of time and effort went into this (writing / practicing / recording / editing) but I wanted to make it easier for someone who is interested in a modern flex MVC framework and just not getting the feet wet because of lack of a video training.