Sunday, July 12, 2009

WPF / Winforms Mapping control

I have been looking for a WPF mapping control since as long as I have learnt about WPF.

Finally an awesome find:

It has multiple data source selections including google maps and open street map so you will not be left hanging. It support offline caching of map images via sql lite. This is just WAY too cool.

It supports custom markers as well.

BTW: I found this right after I have decided that WPF is just not ready for prime time yet :) at least not for me........... I love it and a I love blend .... but winforms just performs better on my client systems. At least for now. Also, the programmer made a winform version of the control as well :)

Update: Feb8 2010
I moved to WPF because it is the future. I have found it to be EXTREMELY fun to work with ( I love a pretty interface ). I have been using this control for 6 months now and it is HIGHLY stable ... and easily customizable too.
Also here is another way to do it (but I wouldn't go there since I dislike interop) :

Also check out :

It allows download of google map tiles amongst other cool stuff.

As usual Enjoy!