Sunday, October 18, 2009

.NET Embedding scripting in your application

Three primary solutions come to mind:
  • Using the good old Microsoft Script Control. My concern with that is simply the fact that I its VBA.
  • Use IronPython. Like it A LOT.
  • Use BOO.!.aspx  Love IT!

Somehow after 4 years of it being around, BOO is still known to the cutting edge guys only. But I truly and deeply love it. I love the duck typing ... the python lists .... and yet the COMPLETE Intellisense and the Ability to import boo based modules into your C# code.  So if you intend to add an interactive debugger / designer with your application go with boo. It will be easier. But due to BOO's lesser used nature use IronPython if official support is important to you.

Inshort :
I will go with IronPython if short on time and effort.
But do BOO if I get some more time purely for the scripting engine. And make an amazing embeddable version of sharpdevelop for my application ;).