Thursday, April 22, 2010

What all to request when the server is bought by the client (customer)

Another project successfully completed! Hurray!

But it took longer than expected. I had to reconfigure it Five Times! Primarily due to power and firewall issues.

So here is a short list that I keep handy henceforth:
  • Hardware : Processor
  • Hardware : RAM
  • Hardware : Harddisk (+ backup space)
  • Software : Operating System
  • Software : Permanent administrator access on the machine
  • Location : Power Stays on all the time!
  • Location : All nodes you need access to should be accessible from the location. 
Also I like to do the following to the windows server:
  • Enable Remote Desktop
  • Disable "Error Reporting" from your computer's advanced properties (this can cause some console application to be stuck at a user prompt). In windows vista it is available under : gpedit.msc -> computer configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Error Reporting -> Disable Windows Error Reporting -> Enabled.
  • Disable the shutdown event tracker. This will prevent auto logon in case of power failures. gpedit.msc->computer management -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Display Shutdown Even Tracker -> Disabled -> OK (

I will update this list as I go on in life :)

PS: VS2010 and Silverlight 4 is here ... can't wait to go back and take it for a spin!
UPDATE: love VS2010 :)