Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why use Team foundation server for a single developer

The main requirements of application lifecycle management:
  • Source control. History / branching primarily
  • Clear tracking of issues and work items.
Plus best Source control integration with Visual Studio

Also its super easy to setup TFS2010 basic with Visual Studio 2010.
And it does not need any further installation on your visual studio. I am very careful of what I put in visual studio especially regarding performance and I protect it with a vengeance (as many guys who have done java development in the past are)

Update: During configuration of TFS2010 i ran into a blue screen (windows 7). So to complete the configuration i had to delete the items it created:

  • IIS Website for Team Foundation Server
  • net stop
  • sc delete the
  • Close the configuration window as well as "Team Foundation Administration console" since at least one of them uses the TFS_configuration Database. 
  • sqlcmd -S "Basiee-PC\SqlExpress" -q "drop database Tfs_Configuration"

Update: I am not going to lie. I did not find much usefulness in it. If you don't mind running SQL Server (taking 400 mb of your ram) in the background for a non database project just for the source control that it may be for you. It is not for me.