Monday, July 4, 2011

Actionscript Creme :1

There is a lot of great actionscript content being generated by the community. I thought I'd start a series of blog post about these so here goes.

Handling Orientation in Flash CS5.5 for Android

Basically you create two keyframes with different orientations of the stage and toggle them using actionscript on the resize event by comparing the device height with device width.

Flash Typing text effect
This was super neat and easy to do. I wonder why I didn't think of it. You just split the string you want to type on the screen and store it in an array. Then in the ENTER_FRAME event you simply shift the array appending the shifted character to a textfield on the screen making sure you remove the event listener after all characters in the array have been printed to screen.

Creating Paypal buttons in Flash
Really simple to do really :)

A simple lottery application
An easy to follow tutorial that actually makes a somewhat useful application :)

Creating a Picture gallery
A simple tutorial. More about a simple gallery banner rather than a Gallery. Just useful to get the creative juices flowing for a newbie.

Now for a book I would like to read about actionscript :