Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Android / iOS native marketplace / appstore applications with Flash / Flex Captive Runtime and Native Extensions

I am overjoyed to hear this news! The new version of flex SDK has just been released and now you can bundle AIR runtime WITH your android application. This new feature is called Captive Runtime support.

Press release :

This has always been the way with iOS applications. i.e. you just compile your application and it runs straight from app store with no external dependency required. Previously the user needed to install adobe air separately on his android device similiar to how the user needs to install the adobe air runtime on the desktop.

A walkthrough for the Captive Runtime can be found here :

This will be a huge win for flash / flex that are now fully native on iPad / iPhone / Android markets.

Also now on these devices you have the support to call native apis (similar to PInvoke in .NET). This feature is called Native extensions. A detailed description of how to do this can be found here :

This really means that there is no boundary you cannot cross now with flash / flex on these devices.

Enjoy the new possibilities!