Sunday, June 24, 2012

The best version of Macbook Air 2012

 My specs and reason

Why macbook air?

So I decided it was going to be a macbook air. Not a macbook pro because 
a.) If I would play games, I would use a desktop Or better, a gaming console. I only played two games on my dell XPS, max payne 3 (for old times sakes since I played the first two during my undergrad) and prototype. Don't need the heavier graphics card. 
b.) Weight. I envied other people lugging around their laptops while I shied moving my expensive yet awesome laptop. I hope to move more with my macbook.


A cold boot of mac + running chrome alone takes the ram to 2.5GB. The only ram options are 4GB and 8GB. I plan on running cutting edge Windows and .NET runtimes in a VM. So 8GB it is. Not to mention it was only a 100$ more for the ram upgrade. Also operating systems are probably going to demand more ram, Although I hope not since they will be slower if they do no matter how fast the ram gets.


Did not upgrade the processor. That has never been a bottle neck for me. And I feel my current dell with first generation core i7 is super awesome still in processing power. The Air is more powerful than this. Plus the upgrade isn't that much 1.8 to 2.0 still dual core. Hopefully the lower version runs cooler too and uses less battery. I have found no one that would recommend spending on the processor. 


Upgraded the SSD from 128GB to 256GB for 300$. I put a lot of thought into this. Reasons: 
a.) I don't plan on buying another laptop for at least a year. Possibly two. And I hate using two systems. 128GB is not going to last even half a year. And the end of the year I can delete most of the data I have. But most stuff needs to stay with me for a year. 
b.) I want the portability of the macbook air, an external harddisk kills it. 
c.) Windows 7 took 50GB after windows update on my last refresh install of windows. And I haven't even installed visual studio yet. If I want to run both operating systems, 128 is not even an option. 
d.) The upgrade cost from the primary non apple retailer OWC ( is 300$ which is comparable to what apple is charging. Yes I can sell the 128GB SSD when I upgrade but finding a customer is not fun. Not to mention it voids any apple warranty. And you spend a lot of time making sure you transfer the data you need. And securely wipe it. Just a hassle that saves a 100$ in total. Not worth it.