Thursday, September 20, 2012

My web stack of love, Great MVC / Javascript libraries

Found on nuget : 
  • Elma : described by scott hanselman as tivo for yellow screens of death 
  • dotless : automatically compiles your less files into css files. Does caching of the compiled files as well. 
  • MVCHtml5Templates : modifies your scaffolding to churn out html5. Does this by added EditTemplates into your views folder,  the magic is in MVC. 
  • Glimpse: Firebug for your MVC application. Shows you the routes that were triggered , where the view was searched etc. Really cool 
  • ASP.NET Web API : get the latest version on nuget! 
  • SignalR: Gives persistent web connections (web-sockets or otherwise. You do not need to think about whether web-sockets is supported). 
  • Web API Self Host : changes your webapi project into a desktop application! 

  • jquery : ... 
  • modernizer : get new browser features on old browsers 
  • knockout.js : MVVM for HTML/JS! 
  • upshot.js : seemless data transfer b/w server client. Client / Server data filtering as well against IQueryable. 
  • history.js : for browser window navigation (history). This is used by nav.js wrapper provided by Microsoft. 
  • holder.js : for image placeholders in mockups 

  • Fiddler : For composing HTTP messages. Great for testing your actions.