Sunday, May 24, 2009

BIRT Report Scheduler

I am considering writing a BIRT report scheduler for a recent project.

I already have a working system in place using what I learnt from the following:

It works pretty neat. I did need to make a couple of modifications to make it work on solaris (needless to say). First wget is not in system path therefore I needed to do the following :


And later on:

$WGET "$RUNURL=RegionDailyPeak.rptdesign&__format=doc&Region=Central" -O "$EXPORTDIR/CentralDailyPeak.doc" -q

I also hid the server birt viewer url into a variable as :

and EXPORTDIR as the path where I want the download.

Also I wrote some code to send emails as well and used that as a script. Additionally I needed to used the zip command to zip large reports before mailing them :


and then mailed the zip file. Its working fine . Any parameters needing any form of dynamic nature were put into the report using a method I posted previously.

I am thinking of encapsulating all these cool things into a web server application using flex?

Anyone interested in such an application?

The following is a list of the features:

  • A simple admin login screen
It is intended to be a single user application. One admin password
  • Server Settings
  1. adminusername / adminpassword.
  2. BIRT report viewer url (the run url... to which only report and further parameters will be passed as shown above)
  3. The report folder url.
  4. Notification email address
  5. mailer settings:
servername, Username, password, from , port, ssl

  • A simple report schedules list screen.:
This will have a list of schedules setup into a data grid with two columns. Crontab scheduling string, and a schedule name. Click on any one and select edit (other options: delete, new, duplicate)

  • Options for scheduling:
  1. crontab string,
  2. Select report from a combo box
  3. outputfolder
  4. zip or not to zip
  5. notify of running by email
  6. format : valid formats : pdf, doc, ppt, xls..... but not html. A simple downloader that will download a single url will be used. (KISS)
  7. mail to. (comma seperated destination addresses)
  8. append a date string to ( low priority )
  9. A parameters table. Which lists parameter vs. value. Nothing dynamic about it. You need to know the paramter names yourself to be able to use it. (low priority .... make parameters list available once you select the report)
  • A reports management screen:
Lists the .rptdesign files in the reports directory. With options of upload, delete, download, rename, copy

Seems simple enough :) But requires dedicated time.... which I am short on right now.... I need motivation... anyone interested in giving me some?