Monday, February 8, 2010

.NET Obfuscators

It has been quite some time since I worked on desktop only applications. Now that I am working on a new project that is desktop only I was looking at .NET Obfuscators out there. Also my application is in WPF.

I used to love smartassembly back when I did winforms. Its simple yet powerful. But it crashed on me (verified by below review as well)

Okay so ... let see what I can find on the internet:
Highly informative Silverlight obfuscators review:

I am feeling biased about trying out :

Simply because it is Free! and I LOVE FREE. The least people can do is use it and leave the developer a comment. Working on home laptop right now ... Will update if it worked out for me later on. (well it didn't ... but I got my old smart assembly to work as per the silverlight review : i.e. disable class / property renaming etc)

Would recommend EazFuscator ... you can get it to work by using attributes.