Thursday, February 10, 2011

Achievement Unlocked : .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications 70-513 passed!

I passed exam 70-503 a few days ago. Today I passed 70-513 which is essentially a new version of the same exam. After going through the official training Kit for 70-503 I looked at the new features of WCF 4 (mentioned quite well here) . There weren't that many questions of the new features. But they were most definitely asked. I found the question quality to be better in this exam (less ambiguous right answers).

The exam was of 140 minutes (the old one was 120 minutes) and had 50 questions (the old one was 45). I find this to be better. (The question count alone).

PS: the title of this post is something I took from this tweet. Xboxy :)

If you are looking for resources this looks pretty awesome : ... although I didn't read it before the exam... JUST found this on google :)