Monday, February 7, 2011

Exam 70-503 Passed

This time I got 918 / 1000. Not my highest but I am satisfied.
So, how did I prepare this one. I took two months to prepare for this exams (mostly because there were a lot of things that were pending since the last exam). It was totally worth it. I thought I knew WCF before starting on the only book I read. I learnt soo much more from this book. There is some repetition of content in the book but its not excessive. And in fact it helps to drill the data into your memory.

This book (the official guide) is the best one I have read yet. This should be pretty clear considering my score and this being the ONLY book I read on WCF itself. I feel so confident after reading this book that I am going to attempt the WCF 4 certification soon. Right after doing all the stuff (coding) that is pending this time around :). the list of new features in WCF 4 is not too big ... also there is no Official book for WCF 4 certification mentioned as of yet so I'll msdn / bing what I need to know ;) Also today is the day this becomes available hmmm :)

My friends and family had to be really patient during the last few days before the certification and I'd like to thank them. Its hard work but I am glad I went through it.