Sunday, April 3, 2011

Expression design: Pen Tool

There are great video tutorials provided by microsoft over here:

Here are some of my footnotes:

Pen Tool
From video:

Pen tool (P)
Select fill and stroke
Start by clicking at the point of origin.
Click and hold to make two curve handles at the next point.
Click the last point added to delete the forward handle (a point without a forward handle is called a cusp point).
Press alt while on a handle to edit the two handles separately.
Click while on an anchor point to delete an anchor point (or use the - key to activate the tool).
Click while on a line to add a new anchor point (or use the + key to active the tool)
Shift+C  to use the convert anchor point tool which will allow you to add handles to existing anchor points

Pen is the heart of expression design. Learn to use it well.