Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Tutorials of Prism and Silverlight

It seems that mike taulty is really interested in the same things that I am ... except sooner :) I used his video tutorials on WCF to learn the tech two years ago and now I just found out that he has a prism + silverlight video series up on channel 9. Here are the links:

·        Part 7: Commands 

      One thing I would like to mention on the subject of modules is that there are actually three major advantages of not being binary linked to each other. One is the obvious reusability. Second is the commonly mentioned testability. And the third not commonly mentioned is the fact that you can have separate teams working on the modules, testing them, and putting them together in the shell. This is possible because the modules are not binary linked to each others functioning implementations.

For a more descriptive / less detailed approach check out this video series:

Screen cast 1 of 4 - Creating a shell and modules
Screen cast 2 of 4 - Visual Composition
Screen cast 3 of 4 - Implementing views and services
Screen cast 4 of 4 - Decoupled Communication

      There is a cool mention of Regions:TabControlRegionAdapter.ItemContainerStyle in video 3 so be sure to check it out. Also nicely mentioned in video 4 is why the subscribe delegate for EventAggregator needs to be public ( it is to allow the View model to be garbage collected. If the delegate is public you can keep a weak reference to it )