Friday, July 13, 2012

Setting up Git with MonoDevelop on Mac OS X

MonoDevelop on Mac ships with Git integration built in.

As an aside: My preferred source code provider is because they provide unlimited free private repositories. I obviously use the same account for my open source projects as well. So this is the provider I tested.

First of all create a new git repository on BitBucket. Note down the git url as highlighted below:

Now open up MonoDevelop and select Version Control -> Checkout as shown:

Next select Registered Repositories and select Add and then in type Select Git as shown:

Next Copy paste that git url in the url field as shown, This will automatic fill most of the fields for you (cool) :

Just type in the Name (already shown in the previous image MondrianEvolved) and click Ok.

Next specify the newly added repository and select the target directory as a new directory you want created for this repository (make sure you end on /):

Click Ok, And when prompted type in the password as shown:
Your project will download. You are ready to rock and roll :

Most git operations, you can now do from the context menu as shown:

And overall operations from the Menu :

commit messages:

And push changes:

Also if you are doing Git/Hg on Mac OS X I highly recommend you check out SourceTree :
It picks up where MonoDevelop leaves off.