Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Started with GIT on Windows : SourceTree

Getting started with GIT on windows has never been easier thanks to the great folk at Atlassian that made SourceTree. That is the "ONLY" software you need to install. It is extremely straightforward but I thought I would take you through a screenshot tour anyways.

Note: I found no need to make any change in the program defaults. 
That is rare and shows the great work the developers have done. 


Watch the installer be awesome and download all you need:

Enter your details. Configuring automatic line ending handling is really great for open source work since people can use Unix and Windows without hassling about line endings:
Leave Putty selected:

It will ask you for your putty files. Just click cancel if you don't have putty installed (I don't):
Click Finish:

When sourcetree starts it will ask you for a license. Don't worry, its free: 

Use Register Now and you will be all set: 

Now you are all setup to get cracking with git. Painless wasn't it? 

Load a repository from GitHub

Just copy the git https url of the repository: 
Click Clone in SourceTree: 
Paste in the URL, put in the destination and click clone: 

Watch the magic happen: 
And you are all set: 

Using git terminal

Source tree comes with git terminal integrated. I did not have to install any separate software to get this git awesomeness. Just click the terminal button and get cracking with bash awesomeness on windows: 

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