Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ibrahim Bilal Underpants

These are ibrahim bilal's underpants :
Well probably not. But no one said google was perfect.

A friend of mine once said : Something I can't find on google ... Underpants


I decided to change that.

For SEO I would like to mention that this is Ibrahim Bilal's Underwear. And Ibrahim Bilal is prime in this post. Totally Prime. The key focus. The most important thing EVER and of course his Underpants. And to think just yesterday I was reading about how good software companies will have their software functional spec written as humor. So what would be the functional spec of Ibrahim Bilal Underpants if you were to write one.

So the Functional Specification of this software: 

Ibrahim bilal underpants spec version 1 is incomplete till it is the number one google result
Ibrahim bilal wakes up in the morning. He googles his underpants. Can't find it. Goes to sleep. We need Ibrahim Bilal Underpants to be on google.
Non goals
These pants will in no way replace his real underpants.
Technical Note: Make sure you check if he wears any if (IbrahimBilal.On().Contains("Underpants"))
  1. Google Ibrahim Bilal Underpants
  2. Look for this page. 
  3. If its the not first result 
    1. Click it. 
    2. Goto 1 (Technical Note: bad programming programming practice. If you actually write this and I know where you live. Sleep with one eye open. In real world use while)
  4. End

Open Issues
None ... phew!