Monday, January 3, 2011

My ideal project structuring

Everyone has their own opinion of how to structure their projects without file structure bloat.
Here's how I manage it:

  • A root folder to contain all code I am currently working on
    • A Folder for each Solution ... each folder is checked into some source control.
      • A folder for each project
      • A folder for LIBS containing built libraries used by the project
      • An Debug folder containing the Debug output 
      • A Release folder containing the Release Ouput
      • A Publish folder containing the Obfuscated Ouput I am going to send out
    • (LARGE REUSE preferably at one location) A LIBS folder which contains the source code or downloads / help pages of libaries in their own folder e.g. a folder for avalondock extracted in it is its source code and build directories etc. Copy paste from this into LIBS folder in each solution so that when checked in third parties would not have issue finding the built libraries I used. 
    • (LARGE REUSE preferably at one location) A Media folder containing all the images / sounds that I could possible desire. Copy paste from this into projects. 

That is it. Simple, clean, efficient and effective.