Thursday, January 6, 2011

Setting up a .com for free courtesy of Google

Here's how I setup the following domains:

All you need is a domain name. That you can buy for a large number of sellers. I chose ServerSea
They basically use the OnlineNIC as their domain registrar :
which in turn uses DIY DNS for configuing the dns settings.

Modify the DNS Name Servers
So to start off I login at OnlineNIC and modify the DNS use the DIY-DNS nameservers:
These are "" and "". Click Modify.

Add CNAME Records routing to Google Servers:
No login to DNS-DIY and add the following CNAME Record:
(As per this the blog will be hosted at

Note the "." in the end : ""  wait for the settings to take since DNS takes time to propogate.
You can verify from Kloth Dig. Heres how it will look like:

Modify the location in your blogspot account
Now that you have the DNS setup you are good to modify the publishing address of your blogspot account.
Just goto and navigate to the Publishing settings of your blog. Goto advanced settings and setup the CNAME you used. e.g.:

If you verfied the Kloth respose before modifyin the blogspot publishing domain you should most definitely see "Congratulations, your blog is ready!".

Redirecting top level domain to your blog as well
This is optional. Also if you are hosting multiple accounts on blogspot you should set this up for one blog only.
I set to

Setup in DNS-DIY (notice that A records do not have a "." in the end) :
And setup in Blogspot check "redirect to" :

now will redirect to

Hiding the blogspot navbar:
This is easy just add the following after your variables declaration in the HTML template:

#navbar-iframe  {
display : none;
height : 0;
visibility : hidden;
Source :

Adding a subdomain not hosted on blogspot
So now I have setup and and
I want to host myself.
FYI How I figured it out : I did by basically testing it out on another one of my websites (which had an unmodified nameserver) and added a subdomain in plesk. Looked at the configuration in Kloth.  Here's what I found out:

Account for uploading (Required Only Once)
The also needs to exist to allow file uploading :

Add a subdomain A record in DIY DNS: 
The domain is shared hosted on the server with IP address "" added an A record accordingly:

Verified from Kloth:

Add a subdomain in plesk: 


That's it. Enjoy!