Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Review (Software Pricing) : Don't Just roll the dice

You can down a free pdf version of this book over here :

This book is from the co-founder and joint CEO of Red Gate Software Neil Davidson. The company is known most famously by its tools for SQL Server but recently many people now it by the company that bought reflector (which is the number 1 .net decompilation and IL analysis tool)

I got to know of this book from a tweet by ayende and I fully agree with his blog post :

Since the book is only 65 ish pages I will keep the review short :
This book aims to answer the question "How do I price my software?" 
And it does.

Go read the book !
You will hopefully at least learn what a demand curve is :)
There is lot of stuff about perceived value and how you can set people's perception based on reference points or if you are truly innovative you can enjoy the luxury of creating a reference point for a category. People's knowledge matters. The trick in  fives ($1995) and nines ($0.99$) . Newer versions are helpful.  Linking yourself to the product (i am a telecomm bachelors wink wink).

AND SOO SOO SOO much more.